Gmail is a free email service provided by Google that allows users to send and receive email over the internet. Gmail was first introduced in 2004 and has since become one of the most popular email services in the world. Gmail offers a range of features such as spam protection, a powerful search function, and integration with other Google services.

GmailCreator, on the other hand, is not an official Google product. It is a third-party software application designed to automate the process of creating Gmail accounts in bulk. This software can be used for various purposes such as marketing, creating multiple accounts for testing, or spamming. In this article, we will show you how to create multiple Gmail accounts and farm them easily and quickly.

Which cases can we use Gmailcreator software in?

GmailCreator software can be used in a variety of legitimate cases where it is necessary to create multiple Gmail accounts. Some examples of such cases include:

  • Marketing campaigns: Businesses that need to create multiple email accounts to run a marketing campaign can use GmailCreator software to automate the account creation process.
  • Testing: Software developers or QA testers may need to create multiple accounts to test their software or application, and GmailCreator can be used to create these accounts quickly and easily.
  • Research: Researchers may need to create multiple accounts to study the behavior of Gmail users, and GmailCreator can help them create accounts quickly and efficiently.

Using Gmail Creator software responsibly and within legal boundaries can make it a valuable tool.

You can register mass Gmail for many different purposes just with few clicks. GmailCreator software will get phone numbers automatically from OTP webs after you charged money and get API key. The only task that you must do is that get API and paste into tool and provide some recovery email. After that, click “ok” to run and you will see created accounts in data of tool with format: Gmail-pass-recovery email (IP-PORT).

How to farm Gmail accounts after creating to get long-live accounts?

It is important to note that farming Gmail accounts, which refers to the practice of keeping accounts active and alive over a long period of time, can be difficult and may go against Google’s terms of service. However, if you need to keep your Gmail accounts active for a long time, there are some steps you can take to increase the likelihood of keeping them alive:

  • Regularly log in and use the accounts: Google may disable inactive accounts, so it is important to log in and use your accounts regularly to keep them active.
  • Keep the accounts secure: Use strong passwords and two-factor authentication to keep your accounts secure from hackers or unauthorized access.
  • Avoid suspicious activity: Google may disable accounts that engage in suspicious activity, such as sending a large number of emails at once or using the accounts for spamming or phishing.
  • Verify your account with a phone number: Adding a phone number to your account can help verify your identity and make it more likely that your account will stay active.
  • Avoid using a VPN: Using a VPN can make it look like you are accessing your account from a different location, which may trigger Google’s security measures and result in your account being disabled.

How to farm bulk Gmail accounts automatically with Gmailcreator software of Autobotsoft?

This software is integrated with diverse FARMING functions so that users get more choices of feeding accounts. You can choose one or two of these activities and tool will farm thousands of Gmail accounts at the same time automatically. This helps you save a lot of time everyday for this task.

You can create Gmail with tool, then farm them directly. Or you can farm accounts from other sources via this tool. It is the same.

how to create multiple gmail accounts